Casa dos Sabores Iglo

360 Campaign

A new positioning to discover.

With its new signature “Life With Flavor”, Iglo wanted its Portuguese audience to understand how their vast range of products allowed them to create unique and impacting gastronomic moments. The challenge: how to make consumers discover this new positioning?


Communication Strategy
Digital PR

Try it to believe it.

Because a meal is not only marked by the food we set on the table, Lift Consulting, together with Lift World’s agencies’ BrandCook and High, created Casa dos Sabores (House of Flavors): a real, comfortable and elegant house, where we put together two essential ingredients: good food and good company. This way people were able to experience and confirm that the brand’s new positioning was more than just a promise..

Flavors of success.

In total 25 dinners were held throughout a full month, but only for the true brand lovers. “Phones off” moments, a wedding proposal, and a birthday dinner for an entire family were some of the winning themes.


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