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Activation Transformers 5

Transformers is one of the biggest cinematographic sagas in the planet. The fifth movie was about to be released, and it was necessary to have an impact on the fans and to ensure media coverage, generate buzz on social media, and place the movie in the top-of-mind in Portugal.


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Optimus Prime by Bordalo II

We invited the plastic artist Bordalo II, known for the amazing pieces he makes out of garbage, to create a replica of Optimus Prime, the saga’s main character.

The piece was placed at Cais do Sodré station and no one was indifferent to it. Besides the strong visual impact, Optimus Prime was holding a flower instead of a gun, showing that the power to save the planet lies in our hands.

A big teaser, with matching results.

Optimus Prime had a daily impact on thousands of people until the release of the movie, both online and offline.


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