Portugal from the inside

We have combined the power of the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G with some of the best national instagrammers to help us promote the beauty of our country’s interior.

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2020 has been putting us all to the test. After months of quarantine, it has become urgent to get out – carefully and avoiding unnecessary risks.

Looking forward for the summer’s arrival, being afraid of travelling abroad became the rule, although we all still wanted to spend some deserved vacation. At the same time, our country was suffering with tourists’ absence, and it became clear to all of us that we should rediscover our sense of living in Portugal, getting back to all of those places we haven’t been visiting for years, of gathering resources and helping each other, of exploring wonders of which we didn’t even know about and share them with everyone we know.

Observing this need and this new normal, Lift suggested Samsung Portugal to put their newest smartphone on the hand of the people who know how to use it best, joining the power of Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G and the know-how of some of the best portuguese instagrammers, in order to promote portuguese beautiful countryside.

Seven days from Chaves to Faro, North to South of the country, joining forces with Tourism of Portugal, to taste the best dishes, to find the best landscapes, to go through the best journey.

Photographer João Bernardino and surfer João Kopke were the hosts of a unique week, during which all of the secrets from the Portuguese countryside were explored, traversing the Estrada Nacional 2, the Portuguese Route 2, the third longest road on the planet.

Everyday, our hosts were joined by a new instagrammer, who was looking forward to find out more about a certain road section. Alongside Samsung Portugal content creators, there was also a news coverage team who were assigned to write some newspieces for a national newspaper.

The main value of this campaign remained on the sharing of the experience of rediscovering an almost forgotten countryside:

4 million reach
1,300,000 video views
86,000 social media engagements
55 press articles
138,000 unique website visitors