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Cidade do Rock (City of Rock)

After being consolidated in Brazil, Rock in Rio picked Portugal as its first international destination in 2004. Nonetheless it kept its ambition of becoming the biggest music and entertainment event ever. To help Rock in Rio achieve this, positioning the arena as the ‘City of Rock’ was the challenge proposed to Lift in Lisbon’s first edition.


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One year prior to the festival, Lift already had its Rock in Rio team, dedicated to implement a massification strategy, able to put the event in the agenda of the media and the Portuguese population. This team of was intensified during the event itself, with 30 Lift employees present at the venue to support the 700 journalists and to host hundreds of strategic guests.

Millions of news and spectators

The results achieved since 2004 insured the presence of a Lift Team at every Portuguese edition of Rock in Rio, but also at the editions in Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Las Vegas, as part of the festival’s communication team. Lift was also present at the Amazonia Live, an outstanding concert to raise awareness for the conservation of our planet, held at the Rio Negro itself. On its way to the 8th Portuguese edition, after having more than 600 artists on stage and 2,4 million fans in the venue, Rock in Rio has generated the equivalent to 164 million euros. The numbers of the 2016 edition confirm the greatness of the festival, highlighting how Rock in Rio got known as Cidade do Rock (City of Rock), and more recently as “Musical theme park”.


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