Embrace Digital, don’t just use it.

Por Ana Menino

Dear client,

First, let me congratulate you for hiring a Digital Agency to collaborate with your business. It clearly shows that you understand that having an Account and a group of people creating and implementing great concepts and ideas for your projects, is a smart way of investing your money. If you’ve been working with your Digital agency for a while now, you know that when you really need something, it shows up done the minute you request it or at least they try their best to do it ASAP that same day until 10 pm. Also, the people who work for you have a whole lot of experience working on so many different subjects and so many different types of clients, which make it possible for them to give you what you really need – which sometimes is different from what you want, please try to understand that.

Let’s get to the tricky part now. Yes, a digital presence is mandatory if you want your business to grow. But no, it’s not the only thing. Sure, you can activate a big project only through digital means but the World wants more from you. They already understand you can create really good things online, but think a little bit outside of it. Give the World physical experiences. Give them something you can use on a digital channel and make your audience want to be a part of it, and not only something they can watch and Like.

An example: Social Media channels. Yes, it is free and it is possible to reach so many people. But, right now, you need to become interesting and able to move people. And if you don’t have a fully integrated plan, you’ll be just another fish in the sea.

Please invite your Digital Agency to collaborate with you when your Company is planning a new project, or even when you are working on an annual Marketing plan. Let them be a part of it. Let them listen and let them give you their feedback. This will not only let you know that some ideas can be done differently so they can succeed online but also, as the creative creatures they most certainly are, your Digital Agency will give you inputs to enhance your projects online and offline. Don’t just send them what is decided so they can translate it into Digital language. Please.

Don’t just focus on being present in the Digital world. Be present in the World too, where your followers live.

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Best regards,

The Digital Agency