A new brand which reflects Lift’s positioning today: a fully integrated agency.

By Salvador da Cunha

February 17th, 2022 became a special day for Lift. It was the day we publicly assumed a new positioning, which we have been consolidating internally for the last two years. We shared this new positioning and the new brand plastic expression firstly to our people and then to our customers and partners.

Lift has not stopped being a PR agency, but has evolved into a fully integrated agency, answering to the market evolution and to the customers’ needs. We not only accumulate 25 years of experience in institutional, consumer and digital communication but we also integrate, in house, a set of skills in all communication and marketing areas which allows us to be even more strategic, disruptive, and complete in the approach and value proposition we offer to our customers. This approach is based in a reputation methodology. In fact, reputation is an area in which we have extensive experience and knowledge that we offer to society through our center Reputation Circle.

Three years ago, we launched the content and video areas (the last one through True Stories), which made possible to build owned media platforms for clients such as  florestas.pt or Imune.pt, responding to a new pattern of emerging information consumption – search – and preventing Fake News from conquering credibility due to lack of digital presence. To achieve this, it was necessary to invest in Technology, Creativity, Data & Intelligence, areas that we have been launching or reinforcing in the last two years.

In August 2021 we relaunched Lift’s events and activation area – after the sale of Big Fish and the deactivation of High, in late 2019 – aligned with Lift’s and our clients’ strategic objectives and operating fully integrated. We also work, and increasingly, with digital influencers (which we do not represent), in very demanding qualification processes and whenever it makes sense to our clients. It’s an area where we have plenty of experience and that was born in the market with Youzz – the first Portuguese digital platform for micro-influencers, long before the boom of this trend.

In January 2022, we also reinforced our commitment with creativity, by strengthening our creative department with new skills and professionals, under the creative direction of Rui Sousa and based on the excellent work developed over the past two years for several clients.

This new positioning culminates with a 62% growth compared to 2020, in what was Lift’s best year ever.