Green Cuisine

For the launch of Iglo’s new Green Cuisine range of vegetarian products we created an online campaign that encouraged all Portuguese people to join the change.

Creative concept

Web design

Filming and video editing

PR and influencer relations

In the last years we have been eating less meat and more vegetables, following everything we know today about its impact on our health and planet.

Green Cuisine is Iglo’s vegetarian meals range and represents a simple, quick and tasteful way of adding more vegetables to our diet.

We no longer have excuses to not eat more vegetables. If Green Cuisine is here to simplify this process, we wanted to simplify even more the process of implementing these healthy food habits.

Thus, in a partnership with nutritionist Mariana Abecasis, we designed four meal plans with recipes for 7 days.

Each plan answered different needs: whether if it was an individual effort or a family challenge, and if the goal was to add more vegetables or to follow an only-vegetables diet. This way, the Portuguese could find a more suitable plan for them.

More than 30 vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian meals made by the nutritionist Mariana Abecasis were available at

We shared the plans on Iglo’s social media channels and had the help of some big Portuguese influencers to follow our plans and share it with their followers.

António Raminhos, Bárbara Inês, Filipa Areosa, Bárbara Lourenço and Joana Gama made some of the recipes in their houses, inviting everyone to get to know our Green Cuisine plans and following Mariana Abecasis’ recommendations for a whole week.

This change didn’t end here, it continues everyday and gets easier when we’re together. Join us in this change!