Yes, we do invest in communication!

By Sebastião de Lancastre

Because I am a businessman, because I like to see return on investment and because I know it adds value to my company. This should be enough to explain why I invest in communication. And yes, Easypay invests, does not spend.

Firstly, because Easypay has a business that is targeted at other businesses, so PR and communication specialists are able to help define key messages and speak to key stakeholder groups. If we make ourselves understood, it’s because the job is being done well, we gain the trust of the audience that matters, and trust brings us more recommendations, better reputation and, ultimately, more business.

Secondly, because the most important thing in a business is having a focus. It’s knowing where we are, where we want to go and what we need to get there. A communication strategy allows us to do this in a more sustainable, consistent and relevant way to our audiences.

Finally, and thirdly, because the best support for a good business strategy is having an integrated communication policy, which means that if you manage to transmit a captivating and realistic message, through different on and offline media, and that reaches the intended audience in a clear way, you win. That’s how you earn reputation and that’s why you invest in communication.

I am not saying this is an investment with a short term return. Recognition takes time. It is a slow team effort, but it brings the company and its spokespeople the recognition and reputation that allow them to clearly state that they are specialists and know what they are doing. So yes, we do invest in communication.