An ecosystem immune to misinformation, an informative digital platform on vaccines and immunization, with the goal of ensuring access to correct, factual, and authoritative information on vaccines.

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In 2020, it started to spread all over the World and affect millions of people…

… each day reaching more people, who transmitted it to even more people spreading what is now one the greatest epidemic calamities of our time: misinformation.

For more than a year, we have lost count of the fake news disseminated about Coronavirus transmission, Covid-19 symptoms and, more than anything, vaccines.

In recent years, we have been witnessing a rise in skepticism related to vaccines and their actual purpose, specifically after many parents have publicly spoken against the national vaccination plan. But wherever we stand on an issue, we should always be based on trustworthy information and fight the spreading of non-professionally verified information.

IMUNE.PT, verified information about vaccination

The Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Institute from NOVA School wanted to contribute to strengthen the Portuguese immunity to misinformation about vaccination by answering every question related to the different vaccines produced in order to fight Covid-19 symptoms.

In 2021, the ecosystem immune to misinformation is born, an informative digital platform about vaccination and immunization aiming to grant access to correct, factual, and trustworthy information about vaccines, in a concerted effort between the Institute, NOVA School and Lift Consulting.

There are 5 distinctive areas, focused on informing and answering all questions:

with information about vaccines, their benefits, contribution to global health and approval and safety mechanisms

where one can access detailed information about the vaccines production, the virus transmission, the existing variants and the most effective prevention measures

Direct Answers
with clarifications regarding vaccination in general and Covid-19

Finding Out
with news and curiosities about vaccination; and finally…

Epidemics in Pictures
that shares a vision over the History of epidemics and immunization. is still achieving very relevant accomplishments in the fight against misinformation, but the most important one is to help save lives.